FN SCAR-L to be discontinued


For most of you the title of this post is meaningless. I can hazard a guess that just about everyone who reads the title will have no idea what it means. Fabrique Nationale de Herstala, (FN) is the manufacturer of the M249, the M240 and the SCAR family of rifles. The SCAR was envisioned, tested and chosen by the US military special operators as the weapon of choice. The two primary versions, SCAR-L and SCAR-H were offered in several variations and came in 5.56mm (SCAR-L) MK16 and 7.62mm (SCAR-H) MK17. SCAR-L or Special Operations Capable Rifle aka S.O.F. Capable Rifle was the ‘light’ model in the standard M16/M4 5.56mm caliber. The SCAR-H or ‘heavy’ model is in 7.62mm or what some of you may know as .308, a caliber that is more commonly found in use by the aged M60 and its replacement the M240B. The last time the US Military fielded a battle rifle in this caliber was the M14.

What’s interesting is that after SOCOM ordered less than 1000 SCAR-L MK16s they realized that the existing M4 performed almost the same. Now that SOCOM is no longer ordering the MK16, rumor has it that they have ordered conversion kits for the MK17 so it will be capable of firing the 5.56mm round. WTF?



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