Ranger Training Assessment Course to accept female soldiers in February 2015


Ranger Training Assessment Course (RTAC) will open its doors to female soldiers for the first time this coming February. While the issue of placing female soldiers in front line, Tier 1 combat units has not been approved, allowing females into RTAC is what some seem to think will be the first step. What needs to be understood here is even if a female soldier successfully graduates RTAC, and then moves on to the Ranger Assessment and Selection Program (RASP), they are by no means, a Ranger. All they would be authorized to wear is the Ranger tab, not the regimental scroll on their uniform or the distinctive tan beret.

A female soldier, at this time, is not allowed to serve in a Tier 1 combat unit like the 75th Ranger Regiment. For that to happen, there would need to be a change in the existing law to allow a female into those units. The tab on the uniform without the 75th Ranger Regiment scroll just means the soldier in question completed the course and has a basic understanding of what it takes to be a Ranger.

From the following article, it would appear that there are already some modifications being considered to the course to accept female soldiers. This was a concern for Rangers as to them, any modification to the existing training regime would not uphold the standards of the unit.

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