Military Technical Advisor for Authors


Why aren’t there more MTAs that provide assistance to authors?

While there are hundreds if not thousands of Military consulting agencies, advisors and even a company that states its specialty is Military Entertainment Consulting, there are really very few actual MTA’s that will take the time to work with authors. In fact, none of the ‘big name’ MTA companies work with actual authors.

In just a simple Google search for MTA’s, I was able to locate only two companies that actually mentioned something about writers. One stated that it would assist screen writers with the script and descriptions while another stated that it worked with Print Media. The one company that actually lists Print Media no longer provides that service as the page that would have detailed what they did sends you to a 404 Page Not Found.

That’s one company out of hundreds that claimed to provide a service to writers. Not actual authors but screen writers.

How does that really benefit the authors of fictional works that want that little extra edge when it comes to details about a character, weapon system, or some kind of military action?


This is where The Ward Room comes into play.

Apparently, we’re the only site out there that provides a dedicated service to authors.

psc-5-radio in use

To touch a little on what we do. Our services enable an author to see where issues might be. The assistance provided is purely observational and technical in nature. There is no demand that these changes be made, its more of a ‘hey, you might want to look that over because it looks a little odd’ type of comments.

SCAR with-M320

The Ward Room is not run by high speed former special operations soldiers, CAG members, or Marines, yet it provides a needed service for authors. And its the only site of its kind that is dedicated to actually assisting authors with technical assistance.

If you’re an author, stop on by and take a look around. There are free services to try so what harm could it do? Give one of those services a try and see what we can do for you.

SCAR_2nd_gen_w_EGLM m320

Here’s what one author had to say about his experience with using The Ward Room:

“There’s no doubt in my mind that The Ward Room is worth it’s weight in gold to anyone producing apocalyptic fiction or any kind of fiction.”

-S.P. Durnin, Author of The Crowbar Chronicles

Here are some responses to the survey that was sent out to other authors who have used The Ward Room’s services.


I would recommend The Ward Room to any author who wants to make their manuscript shine with true-to-life details of professional military weaponry, tactics, and operations that will push their story to the next level.”


“The information provides clear and concise technical expertise of almost anything military or survival related.”


“It was very beneficial. When I wrote the first draft, I did some basic research on weapons systems and tactics that I knew contained inaccurate information. Not only did The Ward Room correct those errors, they provided extraordinary useful background information that could not have been obtained from on-line research on how military units operate.”


Greatly increased accuracy of military related content in the story, especially on technical terms and use of slang. There were also issues with generally inaccurate information and procedure on things like breaching, etc, that were corrected.”




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