Author Resources and Military Technical Advisors

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In a previous topic, it was discussed that there are limited sites that truly specialize in assisting authors with technical issues such as weapons handling, ranks, and unit structure. Sure, there are literally thousands of resources out there for screenwriters and directors that provide this service but, there are none that focus on the author.

Why is that?

Could it be that these big MTA companies just don’t see the need for supporting the work of authors? Maybe they feel the ‘big’ money is all in film and television and the authors can just stick with Google for all their needs.

Search engines like Google are good for very basic information. As an author, I have found more misinformation or incomplete information from search engines and Wikipedia then solid, beneficial info.

M72 closed and open

When I first proposed the concept of creating a writer’s resource like The Ward Room, I was told that authors have a huge ego and would resist admitting that they don’t know the material they are writing about. Therefore, they won’t use such a website and the resource would be a total waste of my time to set-up.

I can say one thing to that: Bullshit.

Since the inception of the site, I have had several authors contact me requesting information. To me, their interest indicates that the site is working. Take a look at the testimonial page and see what some of the authors who have used this service have to say about it.

CRYE Industries Tac Vest system

If you’re an author, what harm would it be to have a fresh set of eyes look over any section of your work which contains weapons use, military characters, units, equipment, to provide guidance as to their proper use and deployment?

Authors can make use of the free services for initial testing to see if The Ward Room is something practical for their own writing. Depending on the requirements of the author,  there are multiple levels of review packages that are offered. In each of the premium services, The Ward Room will be on call all the way up to the final proof to assist authors with authenticity and detail.

The Ward Room can provide you with the information you need to prevent the little details from sliding by; little details that often make a big difference to the reader. Small issues like the difference between a Glock and a Gloch (not a real weapon), rank structure of units, who commands what and how, the differences in ranks among the various US military branches of service, who outranks whom and when, background on specific weapon systems and why they might work better given the situation, and much more.

What have you really got to lose? Give The Ward Room a try. We’re literally the only site and resource that specializes in providing this level of technical assistance to authors.

No matter what package an author chooses, The Ward Room is there for them, providing the details they need to make their work stand out.



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