The latest update on women being allowed into Tier 1 units

dont ask dont tell

February 2015 opened Ranger School for female soldiers interested in getting the Ranger tab. This does not make those females a Ranger as that would entail spending time in a Ranger Bat and those units are Tier 1 combat units which are currently still closed to females.


Here’s some information on how that program has worked so far:


138: Number of women that attended the National Guard pre-ranger course, spread over many cycles. This course is normally not open to active-duty men, and only exists because the Guard believes its people need more preparation for the course. Army managers were looking for 100 women graduates from this course to feed the first co-ed Ranger iteration

20: Women that passed the course. Normally about half the men pass, but there’s a lot of variation. Cramming more women into the last couple of iterations of pre-Ranger just produced more failures, not more successes.

19: Women that started in Ranger School, after one quit after passing pre-Ranger).

16: Women that remained in after the first hour, after three failed the PT test.

8: Women that proceeded to Camp Darby, after 5 others attritioned for various reasons in RAP Week (quit/injury/ruck march).

6: Women that failed Camp Darby, and were recycled by a Battalion level Board.

2: Women that failed Camp Darby, and were recycled by a Brigade level Board.

0: Women continuing in training.

8: Women in the Gulag (holding barracks) where they, along with the men recycled in Darby and RAP week, will receive additional training (and, frankly, hazing) before being re-injected in the next Ranger School class.


Comparison figures for men:

381: Men who started at Day Zero.

197: Men who quit, or failed, or were recycled in RAP Week. (66 will be recycled, the rest, 131, were binned).

184: Men continued on to Camp Darby.

115: Men completed Camp Darby and proceeded to Mountain Phase in Dahlonega, GA. 69 men failed Darby, 35 of whom the boards chose to recycle and 34 of whom were dismissed from the course.

101: men in the Gulag with the women (66+35).

This information was taken from the weaponsman blog found here:

My personal opinion on this matter, like it really means something. If any viable candidate, male or female, can meet the requirements and standards for being part of a Tier 1 unit, then they should be given the chance to try out for it. However, those units should not change any of the physical or mental requirements as this would create a massive morale issue. If you try out and don’t make it, that’s life. There should not be two separate standards for genders.

There should never an issue like this:

Granted, a firefighter is not a soldier but to pass someone on merit even after they fail a physical test is not going to fix anything. We can only imagine that this could be, and I stress that, could be, the case if the DOD starts to change requirements/standards for female soldiers. Of course, that would never happen. They’d just pad the numbers.

The problems with females in combat arms units that are not Tier 1 are addressed by Tom Krautman in his post that can be found here:

Trying to integrate female soldiers into front line, combat arms units is not going to work unless humans can somehow remove centuries of ingrained conditioning.


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