Female USMC officer relieved for being ‘tough’ on female recruits


Controversy surrounds firing of Recruit Female CO

Ok, so lets look at the facts. LtCol. Germano got her females to score higher on the range. Up from 61% to 91%. I don’t know about you, but if I was a Marine and there were female Marines in my AO, I’d want to make sure they knew how to hit their targets.


What I’m trying real hard to understand, in the Marines, you’re  a rifleman first then whatever your MOS is second. Isn’t this what LtCol. Germano was doing? Making sure that all Marines, no matter what gender, were rifleman first?

This was at Marine Boot at Parris Island. Its Boot camp, hello. Its supposed to be difficult, abusive and tough. Are we molly-coddling our Marines now?


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