Industry wide issues

When I talk about industry I am referring to the publishing industry. This is not a rant about publishers. Okay, maybe a little but not directed towards publishers per se but more towards the authors that they publish. Here are the paramount issues: lack of due diligence research and failure to check your facts. Right … More Industry wide issues

Cordite: why is it in contemporary fiction?

  “…Lee’s mind conjured up the nearest memory of darkness and gunfire: the dim stairwell in the Petersen’s house, the haze of cordite hanging in the air…” The Remaining: Aftermath by D.J. Molles published 2012 “This happened recently. I can still smell the cordite.” Dialogue from the film Collateral 2004   Let’s clear the air, … More Cordite: why is it in contemporary fiction?

Author Resources and Military Technical Advisors

In a previous topic, it was discussed that there are limited sites that truly specialize in assisting authors with technical issues such as weapons handling, ranks, and unit structure. Sure, there are literally thousands of resources out there for screenwriters and directors that provide this service but, there are none that focus on the author. … More Author Resources and Military Technical Advisors

Army Kills new rifle testing   Yet again, the US Army in their utmost wisdom, kills a program that could have potentially replaced the M16/M4. Most of us know what the M-16 is. Originally designed by Eugene Stoner as the AR-15, (ArmaLite Rifle). The AR-15 rights were later sold to Colt Firearms in 1959 and the US Military adopted … More Army Kills new rifle testing

Common mistakes authors make when referring to military personnel

The proper usage of ‘Ex’, ‘Former’ and ‘Prior’ when discussing military service personnel. The above terms and prefixes are bandied about in all kinds of conversations. Be it in a newspaper, news reports, or dare I say it, even in a novel. This is a very basic generalization only to get a point across about … More Common mistakes authors make when referring to military personnel

US Army seeking ‘Harder Hitting Pistol’   Yes, you read that right, after almost 30 years of using the Beretta M9, the US Army has finally come to the conclusion that they may need a larger caliber handgun. Well, duh. Since the adoption of the 9mm M9, mainly because 9mm became the NATO standard way back in 1985, the US … More US Army seeking ‘Harder Hitting Pistol’