Navy states Littoral Combat Ship not mission capable

    7th Fleet states that the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) is not up to the mission   The Littoral Combat Ship program was developed to field a new class of naval vessel that could operate in small waterways and provide support. The big selling feature was to have pre-loaded Mission Specific Support Modules, think … More Navy states Littoral Combat Ship not mission capable

Flyer Advanced Light Strike Vehicle

Flyer Advanced Light Strike Vehicle The Flyer Gen II   platform provides military users with a mature family of air deployable   production vehicles. The platform is available as a Light Strike/Armored   Light Strike configuration; Rescue; Assault or Cargo/Re-Supply. Payload V22      3000lbs CH-47 4000lbs Driven and flown on V22 with minimal mission payload … More Flyer Advanced Light Strike Vehicle