The Ward Room FAQ


What is The Ward Room?

The Ward Room is an essential resource for authors and those who require accurate information to write realistically about the US military, firearms, and other weapons.

What kind of information does The Ward Room provide?

The Ward Room provides technical consultation that enables authors to effectively depict contemporary military and tactical operations. This includes up to date information on procedures, strategic methodology, rank structure, weapons, basic unit complement, patrolling methods, equipment, vehicles, and many other topics related to today’s military forces. For many authors, this technical consultation is especially necessary to write about the proper use of firearms and other weaponry.

What services does The Ward Room offer?

For a complete list of services, click on the ‘Services Offered’ page.

Does The Ward Room only work with authors?

No. We also work with artists, editors, and publishers, as well as the general public.

Are there fees for the services The Ward Room offers?

Yes and no. Some of our packages are fee based but there are other basic services that we provide free of charge.

Is The Ward Room an editing service?

No. The Ward Room does not offer editing services. We strictly review the military thematic elements within a written project and provide insight, suggestions, and technical assistance.

I’m working on a historical fiction book that is about the military, can the Ward Room provide assistance?

No. The Ward Room’s primary focus is on contemporary military operations. We do not do historical research or provide that type of service.  There is literally a plethora of historical resources out there that can assist you with research into a particular conflict.

How does The Ward Room evaluate a project?

Upon receiving a request, The Ward Room evaluates the provided document assessing the accuracy of its military thematic elements and realism of the portrayed action. We provide observations and recommendations regarding areas that require attention. We review with the author why these discrepancies would affect the overall storyline. Our review will point out issues that need to be corrected or rewritten so as to achieve the level of authenticity that the author is striving to attain.

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