Military Humor


45 shooting twice is silly

72 virgins dating service




a tap to the head



adjusting to civilian life

air superiority

airborne agenda

alcohol prevention in combat


anywhere but here






boat crew fun bomb2xv4 C4 call of duty call that a zombie apocalypse camouflage celebrate diversity cheerleader now SOF intel officer combat beard damn diplomacy all 68 grains of it diy 50 cal gun carriage dont ask dont tell ford fairlane in flight fryingshovelsd8 full moon GAU 8 ghurkas gunfight rules guns overated harry potter If you can read this if you heard my shot improved transpo improvised bath inside a can of whoop ass job openings joust knew these pants were too tight latest fashion little sheetheads m67 marine camo marines were here milcutbacks milfunding military vision miss england 2009 mortar baseball night vision no parking nosnowmobiling old or new opportunity overkill passing on the heritage payback problem solving Promotion proximity psyops purse hanger ranged recoil rule 2 say no to crack sniper-rifle-cup-holder Snipers sorry cant hear you speed enforced by sniper squirrelmarines1 stay off my lawn studying for finals can be stressful support weapons tactical-knitting talent tank mating the hand grenade The US Navy this never happened those on the naughty list training pilot us army we dont do drivebys we stop us marine logic USMC F18 variety vengeance is mine we dont go there to talk whats best in life WhatTheRAAFReallyDoes whee where did that puddle come from why zombie cows


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